Dualtron Storm Limited


MAX 11500W BLDC Dual Hub Motors

84V 45Ah Li-ion Battery(LG 21700)

Dualtron Storm Limited

2023 The latest beast of electric scooter with 84V/45AH battery


Minimotors is bringing its all-new and improved Dualtron Storm LIMITED with a powerful 84v45Ah fixer Battery and a maximum of 11500w sheer power! That’s unprecedented for any of the earlier models and other brands can compete!

The STORM LIMITED also comes with a turbo-like, “ludicrous mode” which gives you an additional 60A output current with a simple double-tap of the throttle.

It comes standard now with a fingerprint sensor, light mount, safety damper, and a 95.4v 4A Fast Charger for people who are hungry for even more power and speed.


  • 84V 45Ah battery (LG 21700)
  • Up to 11500W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • Up to 220km of range
  • 5 Step Adjustable Suspension
  • 12″ RSC Tubeless Tyres
  • NUTT hydraulic brakes + 160mm Disk





Max Speed

25Km/h (limited to conform with Australian standards) > 100Km/h If used in other regions or on private property

Max Distance

Product Weight

Max Load


Folding Size

Unfolding Size




EY3 Multifunction Throttle, inc Backlight and LCD Display


Design Use

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