Dualtron Ultra


Max 5400W BLDC Dual Hub Motors

60V 35Ah Li-ion Battery



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Dualtron Ultra is the OFF-ROAD beast introduced model produced with dual 1200W (5400W peak) performance motors by MiniMotors.

Powered by the famous all wheel drive dual 1200w brushless hub motor system, it is capable of producing 5400watts at peak power or 7.2 horsepower! and reach speeds up to 80km when (Unlimited) and used on private property.

Note: To meet Australian standards this product is supplied in Austalia with a maximum speed limit of 25Kmh.

The frame is fitted with front and rear independent cantilevered suspension and utilizes a high compression urethane system combined with reinforced forged alloy swing arms. This system gives excellent stability when travelling at high speed and cushions the ride over rough terrain.

The frame is also fitted with further forged parts in the high stress areas such as the uniquely curved neck and upper steering arm and all other main frame parts have been produced using extrusion.

The dual controllers are kept cool via a heat sink attached to the underside of the frame and are packed full of adjustable features such as 6 different acceleration curves, cruise control, 5 levels of electronic braking intensity and a battery saving mode which has 2 separate settings for increased range.

Both dual motors have been designed with maintenance and servicing in mind, allowing the tyres to be easily changed with the need for any machines or difficult to use tyres levers.





Max Speed

25Km/h (limited to conform with Australian standards) & 75~80Km/h If used in other regions or on private property

Max Distance

Charging Time

Product Weight

Max Load


Folding Size

Unfolding Size






EY3 Multifunction Throttle, inc Backlight and LCD Display




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