Speedway Leger Pro


Motor: Rated-500W / Peak-1450W

Battery: 52V/18AH

Speedway Leger Pro 52V/18AH Scooter

The Speedway Leger Pro Is the premium model in the Leger range of scooters.

Minimotors increased the power and range for this model and added a new front wheel design with integrated brake for this premium version.

Leger Pro is equipped with a 1470W rear brushless motor and powered by a 52V/18AH battery capable of distances up to 40km with a top speed of 55kmh when unrestricted for private use.

Weighing in at only 19kg the Leger is easy to transport and integrate with public transport or place in the boot of a car.

Leger is equipped with drum brakes front and rear, coupled with 5 level adjustable regenerative motor braking. The intensity of the electric brake can be adjusted to suit most riding styles and conditions.

Fitted with 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres as well as front and rear suspension the leger is comfortable to ride and has great handling characteristics.

Both wheels have 2-piece alloy rims, so servicing or replacing tubes or tyres is a breeze.

The adjustable handlebar is suitable for all riders of all heights and the foldable grips allow for easy storage.

As with all Minimotor products, Leger is fitted with the dependable EY3 throttle which has all the programming functions that you find in the Dualtron range of scooters.

Speedway Leger Pro is the perfect scooter for someone looking to purchase a great city commuter with exceptional power and fantastic range.




Max Speed

25Km/h (limited to conform with Australian standards) 50Km/h if used in other regions or on private property

Max Distance

Charging Time

Product Weight

Max Load


Folding Size

Unfolding Size




EYE Throttle, inc Backlight and LCD Display



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